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Awning Fabrics

For awning fabric we use Dickson Orchestra, a leading brand in awning fabrics.

Orchestra awning fabrics in 100% solution dyed acrylic with Sunacryl rot-proof fibres offer the benefits of Dickson’s extensive technical expertise.

The fabrics are treated with Cleangard®, a nanotechnology based process offering unrivalled resistance to stains, oils and fats, water, and soiling.

Orchestra awning fabrics are designed for your comfort and well-being:

  • Solar factor (SF) -- blocks up to 95% of glare effect
  • Thermal comfort -- reduces heat by up to 95%, prevents greenhouse effects
  • Protection -- UPF 12+, UPF 30+ and UPF 50+ up to 100% of UV rays filtered
  • Exceptional resistance to water
  • Colour fastness under UV rays and bad weather -- 7 to 8/8
  • 10-year guarantee

You can visit the Dickson website to see the wide range of colours available.